“Conflict shapes all organizations… whether it’s positive or negative is up to you.”

When it comes to hiring a keynote speaker, the ability to connect with your audience is a non-negotiable. Lavon Gray masterfully accomplishes this goal. Using humor and passion as tools, Lavon connects with audiences of all sizes sharing his unique understanding of the challenges leaders face every single day. More importantly, his keynote speeches and leadership workshops are based on first-hand experience. With over three decades of being on the “front line” as a speaker and leader, Lavon takes people on a journey he’s already experienced.

As a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association, Lavon Gray embraces an unwavering commitment to excellence that infuses every keynote and workshop presentation. An award-winning author and Forbes contributor, he has published extensively in the areas of leadership, conflict resolution, team building and strategic planning, encouraging leaders and organizations to define their tomorrows. 


“Never Wrestle with Pigs” (60-minute keynote)

Format: Live or Virtual

Conflict is a reality of life. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to fight battles that aren’t all that important, which leaves us too tired to fight the ones we need to win. This keynote uses humor to focus on various personality types found in the workplace and how leaders can effectively navigate conflict. Never Wrestle with Pigs always leaves audiences laughing and inspired to strengthen their relational and conflict resolution skills.

“Choose to Defuse” (60-minute keynote)

Format: Live or Virtual

In Choose to Defuse, Lavon relates principles learned as a NCAA baseball and football official to the workplace providing tools for effective conflict resolution. Recent research indicates U.S. companies lose over $359 billion every year because of organizational conflict. But while conflict is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Choose to Defuse focuses on identifying anger triggers, techniques for healthy conflict resolution and leveraging conflict for organizational health. 

    “Invisible No More” (60-minute keynote)

    Format: Live or Virtual

    Have you ever felt invisible? While this may sound like a ridiculous question, the truth is our work cultures are filled with people who are invisible, or what we more commonly refer to as lonely. This powerful keynote focuses on the power of relationships to add value to teams while providing the foundation for organizational success. More than just another session on “networking,” Lavon uses powerful storytelling to inspire listeners to intentionally engage in building high-impact relationships, while at the same time removing the “cloak of invisibility” from the lives of those around them. Your team will never look at your relationships the same after this keynote.

    Define Your Tomorrow” (60-minute keynote)

    Format: Live or Virtual

    Lavon believes individuals and organizations are not defined by yesterday, but rather how they shape tomorrow. In this motivational and inspirational keynote, Lavon shares his personal journey from intense poverty to success, as well as challenges that he had to be overcome throughout his life. The audience will leave with an appreciation for overcoming adversity in life, as well as an understanding that we are not defined by yesterday, but how we shape tomorrow.


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